"We may think we are being true to ourselves when we shed the constraints of traditional values and morality, but in reality, we are simply allowing a new community to tell us who we are." Tim Keller

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If you’ve made it this far, I invite you to go a little farther. Each week I aim to add a little perspective to your thought, a bit of clarity against a confusing world, words I hope becoming not just a respite but a means to strengthen your faith. My only goal is to open your thoughts to God’s desire to be ever-present in your life, to ask you to seek His truth with me.

Maybe you are a new Christian or a growing Christian or a mature one. You could be lukewarm or cold or red hot. Faith for you might be stale, confusing, and downright distant or as close as the comfortable self-image you saw in the mirror this morning. Writing to you from my experience, I hope you will see yourself there and say, "Me, too."

Please see each article as throwing a pebble in a pond and allowing God to do the ripples. And if you think it worthy, please pass it on.

Deck Cheatham

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Perspective is a remnant of our rusted and eroded memory, the long, distant reach toward some event best forgotten. It is the truth left for us when all falsity dies, and ill-founded shrines fall away. Reaching it gives us the courage to form a brighter future or become our better self, to live unentangled by illusion and former selves and sins. Perspective is the perpetual state of being ready to move toward the unseen, carrying along the wisdom from the decay of our misapplied intentions.

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