October 2020

The Letter

Something I was not searching for, but I found serendipitously from an anonymous note I received, came in a flash of thought. Neither fight nor flight, dismissal nor belittlement occupied my reaction to it, only empathy for an unknown soul expressing bewilderment in an unsigned letter. Drifting into reflection about its author and what the …

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Going Back

Never should one ask, if not prepared for truth, to go back. Bliss simply does not tolerate the answer or the journey. Convenient memory is a sweeter comfort than truth. But urged to do so either by some latent curiosity or just by friendly encouragement, I picked up the phone to inquire about Daniel. His life, long …

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The Visitor

Along 44 Ephesian Street down to 416, in a place called One, there lives a peculiar folk. Strange it is because One is no particular place at all, and Ephesian Street cannot be found on a map. For the most part, they are quiet, gentile, and serene people characterized by lowliness, gentleness, and longsuffering. But no one seems to …

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