Month: April 2021

What’s in a Name?

Quite incidentally and unknowingly, mimicking professional golfer’s swings when we were kids, we stumbled into a key step in the habit formation process. Naming a particular swing or move the “Nicklaus” or “Trevino” or even something simple like “blue” enables the brain a way to cement the swing in memory. The same works when trying …

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Don’t Believe

Don’t Believe  …along the roadside of your belief  the advertisers, the marketers,  the profiteers of misdirection,  the snake oil salesman’s pitch.    …on the cobbled row of wise men  those most to be pitied—  the sleepers, doubters, skeptics, naysayers, deniers  or a certain man’s shadowed hanging form.    …on highways of jeering crowds  your bottom line …

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