June 2021

The Next Corner

Given a box with a present inside, each confirmand repeated their vows. Next, the preacher said, “Inside your box is a present, a reminder of God’s presence. Carry it in your hand all your days.” Then, the service ended. All went home with their families and celebrated the day.  Bobby took his box, peered at […]

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New Faces

Traveling across the back roads of South Carolina on a recent trip, the missive on the church sign caught my attention. It read: The devil doesn’t have any new tricks, only new faces. I skipped the chuckle and laughed out loud. Sign ministry compels me to reflect and pay attention. Wisdom is not lost when

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The Ugly Bride

Lean in and listen my friends, I’m going to tell you a story remembered, a story told to me in a sermon by the Reverend Al Turnell.   Everyone gathered for the big weekend. Relatives and friends came from everywhere to celebrate their friends’ marriage. Barely before the festivities began, murmurings could be heard about the bride and groom. Everyone knew it. No one

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The Peddler

In County Lincolnshire, in the village of Spilsby between the Lincolnshire Wolds and the Fenland, for centuries told there lived a peace-loving people. Spilsby has been and will always be a market town.   Home to butchers, bakers, haberdashers, jewelers and farmers, four main roads radiate from the town center where each year the townspeople host its annual market. Known

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