July 2021


Dear Wickley,  I received your letter and am heartened by your insight. Your words enlightened a remembrance of Plutarch and the Ship of Theseus. If you remember the paradox, the ship, having returned to port and thus undergoing preservation by the Athenians, through time began to decay and one by one each timber was replaced. The question […]

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Remain Faithful

Dear Winston, I am in agreement regarding the notion today’s society is in a state of moral decline. My tendency is to read into history that every age must have in some way believed the same about their own. That any age yielded to the next and passed on its inheritance of both light and

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Living in a hovel, hearing tales of the great silver city across the meadow and over the hill, Adalhard thought one day he would be brave enough to venture there. Poor though he was, dreaming was all he had. He labored hard in his village, but there was little to show for his effort. He

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Seek Ye Him

Not by any means or stretch of suggestion am I educated to an extent Rabbinic wisdom is an expertise I share with any authority. But I have lived a life of ups and downs, triumphs and failures, rights and wrongs, and Rabbinic wisdom and Jesus’ words speak to life. Should I find any opportunity to

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