October 2021

The First Response

The day promised sunshine. Robert and Barbara left the house early to allow for stops along the way and enjoy the views. Red Bald mountain delighted travelers with exhaling panoramas. This day promised bright autumn colors and brisk mountain air. Barbara packed a sumptuous picnic with favorite bites for each of them. The couple needed …

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Which lie do you prefer? The one protecting a friend or loved one? Maybe, the one that hurts the intended. How about the lie you tell yourself? Behind the lies, our reasons are varied and myriad, yet false when measured against the person God created us to be. Jesus, in his ministry, convicted us of …

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The Bookshop

Walking into the bookshop, the man asked the proprietor, “Do you have a Bible?” “Yes. Try the next room on the middle shelf. However, there is only one in stock, and because of store policy, it is not for sale. But you may read it while in the store.” Puzzled, the man stepped into the …

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