November 2021

Together Again

There I sat, thoughtless, blank, depleted of any idea for this column. It wasn’t so much writer’s block but more that the bathtub I call my brain was drained—no, more like it was stopped up, constipated by life’s demands. What I needed was a little perspective, time away to grease those neural pathways. I got …

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A Great Wind

Tollierville was a particular type of town, populated with a particular type of people. Each lived in a particular type of house characterized by two front windows adorned with flower boxes, a red front door and chimneys that rose high above the roofs. That visitors would not view Tollierville as a uniform village with people …

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Still Seeking

Some years ago when I dedicated myself to a life of daily prayer and devotion, after a time, I became quite discouraged. This may seem an odd admission to Christians who think such a discipline should only yield peace and understanding. I must admit, I too was surprised by such a reaction. I did not …

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