June 2022

Hardtack Fails

“Hardtack, every tempter always fails on his first try or two. Humans are fickle creatures. Should you think your failure is complete and the end of it, you have missed the more discriminate aspect of your art. Every failure experienced will have meritorious value when at your next attempt you find your patient at a […]

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All My Yesterdays

Age has thrust upon me a ripening. I’ve reached a stage when stories begin with some variation of the word “ago,” as in some time ago, 30-years-ago, 20-years-ago or 10-years-ago. My odd, and maybe common, observation is all these seem like yesterday to me. The memories express a recency, a feel and touch missing during

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First, Do No Harm

The other day, reading John Wesley’s three rules for living, the first of which is “Do no harm,” I understood the many difficulties in achieving it. Simple on its surface, the more I thought about it, the more I realized the ways I could go wrong, not just intentionally, but unintentionally. Harm is a spectrum

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