Deck Cheatham


Jimmy was reared in modest means. A wholesome family, Jimmy’s parents worked hard and taught their children proper values and morals. They attended church regularly and the children rarely missed a day of school or the parents a day of work. Each member in the family contributed to the household responsibilities. Of course, there was …

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Six Feet

Beneath the old oak tree, framed in twilight, a lone silhouette, an old man with his box sat and watched while the graveyard spirits spoke of possibility and certainty.  Who is he?  Some say he is Peter waiting for the next soul, praying one of us in the cemetery will come to him. Some say he’s a figment, a representation of a life lived on earth, a faceless spirit of all who …

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He Waited

In a more naïve and simplistic time, when miniscule pains hovered and cast their shadow large over an otherwise carefree existence, when each imagined injury seemed unending and suggested life would never fulfill a novelistic perfection, I searched for a simple God. God, conceived by me, was an unseeable but conditional being, there in my …

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