Jordy and Tussie Prepare to Descend

brown rock formation on top of mountain during daytime

Jordy, standing on this precipice allows us perspective. As we begin our journey to the valley, we must hold this perspective close.

And the haze, what do we do about the haze?

Because men want so much, they grow weary. Their patience wanes, forsaking truth in favor of invented good. The haze you see below is their attachment to their want, a fog of the mind. When we descend, the Light will go with us. Do not worry.

Tussie, I’m glad the Light is with us.

Yes, its presence guides us if we but listen. Stillness is the fruit of our knowing. The valley below moves not simply by the varied inclinations of men. In the absence of knowing, men choose certain falsehoods, ideas subject to their will. These men confuse permission with salvation and conflate God with an idea of God. Convenience and permission are the falsehoods through which they are deceived.

Tussie, is this not a matter of practicality? Surely, they are not all misled by the fashion of their time.

Well, not all are but many find it hard to lean against the tide of opinion. Of course, this has been true in every age, and in each, men bring both darkness and light.

What am I failing to see, Tussie? Of what else should I be aware?

Jordy, men often fail to understand truth over opinion, what some would call position over posture. Their egalitarian sensibility believes faith ends with love and forgiveness.

Tussie, I am confused. It seems to me we could devise a system to show them the way.

Permission and salvation offer opposing circumstances. Permission cares not for truth. Salvation embraces it. Truth is not so easily obtained by a system. Men must struggle to find truth so it will be remembered and lived by. Position, or truth, prefers love over difference. Posture and opinion choose difference over love as a means to equality which is another way of saying I can do what I want. Remember, the Light revealed to us a faith of love and forgiveness without atonement and redemption is something different altogether. Men can only truly love when redeemed, can only truly forgive when they themselves have atoned. The problem people have is they make bad associations when their conclusions are simply based on coincidence. This is what blinds them.

Will they see the Light? And what is that low humming noise?

Some will. Some will remain blind. Some will choose to turn away and cling to their falsehoods. The humming you hear is the humdrum of words traveling from ear to ear. Each ear must filter the sound and meaning, not simply the meaning, but also, the intention. This is man’s imperfection, the cause of his strife, but also the gate into which he can enter and search for truth.

Tussie, how do you know these things?

Remember, Jordy, knowledge is not knowing. Seek and climb out of the dark and you will find. Truth cannot be found where you are, only where you are not.

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