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Going Back

Never should one ask, if not prepared for truth, to go back. Bliss simply does not tolerate the answer or the journey. Convenient memory is a sweeter comfort than truth. But urged to do so either by some latent curiosity or just by friendly encouragement, I picked up the phone to inquire about Daniel. His life, long …

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The Mirror

Jack dies.  He finds himself walking down a dirt lane. In the distance, he sees a gate. As he nears, he sees a man tending a garden. He’s not sure what has happened. He remembers grasping for breath and clutching his chest. And now, he is walking down this quiet country lane. Curious, he walks toward the gate.  Jack greets the gardener. Hello, sir. “Hello, …

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Daniel and me

During those times when life wrenches from me a comfort of which I’ve become fond, and harshness disrupts and confounds me, my mind fades and drifts into the wind that is my friend Daniel’s spirit. Daniel was our black caddy master at the country club. Unable to read or write, Daniel didn’t need intellect to …

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