gray asphalt between green plants under clear blue sky during daytime

Living in a hovel, hearing tales of the great silver city across the meadow and over the hill, Adalhard thought one day he would be brave enough to venture there. Poor though he was, dreaming was all he had. He labored hard in his village, but there was little to show for his effort. He mustered enough from the land to feed himself while the rest went to his master. But each day he would dream and plan for some day. 

After years of toil, Adalhard decided it was time to follow his dream. He was getting older, and he knew he must try to reach the silver city before age declined his chance. He began putting away provisions and packing preparations. There had been times when visitors passed through his village and spoke of the silver city. Adalhard gathered their stories and the knowledge he believed would guide him along his way. 

The day came for him to leave. In the soft light of morning, before the moon retired, Adalhard set out, his eyes taking in the horizon. The meadow filled his senses with calm, for the journey was certainly easier on him than working in the fields. Lifted in spirit, Adalhard quickened his pace. Not too long after, a stranger approached from the west.  

“Greetings, fare traveler. Where doth thy travel?” “I’m traveling to the silver city. I have only dreamed and heard of it but never have I been there.” “Well, I am from there and a fine city it is. Peace be with you on your journey.” The stranger departed and Adalhard pushed on. 

Adalhard began climbing the hill. He thought, “When I reach the top, I will see the silver city.” Then, he saw a sign saying, “This way.” Confused, Adalhard did not remember this from the stories he had heard, but he decided it must be the way. Soon, he realized the path was going down. Adalhard knew this wasn’t right. Suddenly, another traveler appeared. “Fare traveler, where are you going?” “I am traveling to the silver city, but I think I made a wrong turn.” “Yes, you are a bit off the path. Turn here and you should find the main road. Peace and blessing be with you.” 

On his way now, Adalhard soon saw another sign. It read, “That way.” He thought, “Is this the way?” Not knowing, he decided to follow it. Within a brief time, the climb became rocky and steep. So steep, Adalhard felt he must turn around. Disheartened, he sat. A voice spoke. “Fare traveler, why are you resting on this precipice?” Startled, Adalhard had not expected to see anyone on rocky ground. Puzzled, the stranger looked familiar. Was he…? Adalhard said, “I have once again made a wrong turn on my way to the silver city. Can you help me find my way?” “Good friend, I am from there and am on my way. Follow me.” Relieved, Adalhard knew that peace, blessing and goodness had found him. 

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