The Great Feast

Among the Erinyes, the great king, Semnote, said to his servant, Xenos, “Let us prepare a great feast for all the land and invite all who are native to our country and all who sojourn in it.” With his command, preparations were made.

The day of the great feast neared and word spread throughout the land. Never before had the king commanded a feast but he loved his people and his country. For this he wished to give from his abundance.

Now in the country there was a certain village and certain men who, hearing the news, did not believe the king to be true. It was a characteristic of this village and its men that not all was to be believed and to each man one must keep what he acquired. Believing this, the men laid a plan to use the great feast for their purpose.

The day of the great feast arrived. The road to the king’s house was busied with travelers. Along the way for every mile or two, the men from the certain village would seek the attention of a traveler and say, “I am unable to attend the great feast. Will you, on your way back, bring me food from the king’s table that I might have some for myself?” Hearing from the certain men, the travelers journeyed on because they had sensed a certain evil in the request made by the certain men.

All who were native to the country and all who sojourned in it came. Each wondered how the king could provide enough for all who would surely come. When they arrived, before them their eyes had never seen such a great table set with food of every kind, prepared in every fashion, filling every room of the king’s house, even the grounds outside the house.

With all assembled, the king announced, “Blessings to the people of this land. On this day I share all that is mine. May the feast begin.” And so the natives and the sojourners began to eat. Not too long after the feast began did the assembled begin to notice as they ate, more food appeared on the table. Realizing they could never eat all provided, the people began to share the abundance before them. The more they ate, the more they shared, the more food appeared. Everyone marveled and soon realized they must spread the word of the great feast and invite people from outside the country.

The certain men in the certain village began to wonder whether the natives and sojourners would ever return. So, the certain men determined to travel to the king’s house to satisfy their purpose. Traveling the road, something strange began to happen. The more they walked, the farther the distance to the king’s house. They reached but could not grasp because they harbored within their heart an evil purpose.

And so is the kingdom of God like a great feast abundantly overflowing. But not all will get there.

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