Our longing for the good old days and for better times in the midst of our most difficult times must mean to turn that longing toward God, to His more, to His action of a different kind. Faith is a hard learning.

How many ways?

She didn’t mean to say it. A slip of the tongue she thought, but she knew she could not pull back the words, could not explain away those hurtful words. Deep inside she knew there was a part of her believing what she said, maybe all of her really meant it. But immediately, she knew …

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Is God a bigot?

Is God a bigot? If I listen to the culture’s message today, I should think so. I think this because my faith journey leads me to a whole other truth counter to what the culture is telling me. Most would say the culture says “yes” and God says “no” but listening to God I hear …

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Seems real to me

There’s a grandmother sofa in my living room. Its curvature and form accompany a wingback chair and memories least forgotten. Grandmother sofas always invite company to sit down and pay a proper visit, a social call outlined by accepted graces and flower print dresses emitting a whiff of aged eau de toilette. Grandmother sofas and …

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A faith of love and forgiveness without atonement and redemption is something different altogether.

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