Our longing for the good old days and for better times in the midst of our most difficult times must mean to turn that longing toward God, to His more, to His action of a different kind. Faith is a hard learning.

Between the dusts

I can’t believe in a God that instructs to kill. Why Jerome, I think you just admitted there is a God. I thought you were an atheist. Besides, it sounds like an excuse to me. No, I don’t admit it. A God who is good would not have asked Abraham to kill Issac. But you […]

The Shepherd’s Tree

Evident to me during my morning intercessory prayer, I was praying for a happy ending for those I prayed. A moment after, I felt this was not quite right. A happy ending was my desire and hope for each. I think the happy ending for which I prayed was a sincere asking for God’s mercy. […]

Two Sermons

I went to church this past Sunday. I heard a fine sermon on the essential truth Christ is of the substance of God, One with the Father. The meaning extracted from this truth as the preacher highlighted is to whom should I give authority in my life. I thought the sermon was a fine reminder […]

A faith of love and forgiveness without atonement and redemption is something different altogether.

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