Our longing for the good old days and for better times in the midst of our most difficult times must mean to turn that longing toward God, to His more, to His action of a different kind. Faith is a hard learning.


I don’t like crowds any more, meaning being in them or following them. Following a crowd is not a Cheatham trait. When as a child, I wanted to follow the current crowd, Mom would say, “If everyone is jumping into the fire, are you going to jump with them?” She knew how to curb our …

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When Absence is Present

Sometimes we understand a story not by what is present but what is absent. In his book, Ambition and Survival, Christian Wiman says, “It’s been said a poem makes absence itself into a perceivable presence.” He then states, “I respond most deeply to art that has, you might say, a hole in it, some stark …

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Covenant or Context

Admission, if not compulsory, opens me toward confession. I admit and confess my faith experiences doubt on occasion. Sometimes I shrug at its appearing. At other times, my doubts weigh on me heavily like a boat dropping anchor in deep water. And then some revelation comes along and I weigh anchor and sail on, lightened …

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A faith of love and forgiveness without atonement and redemption is something different altogether.

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