When relationship with God becomes as intended through creation, the creaturely in response to the Creator, those ties we have with others along our walk become ordained by truth. Yes, we might have to walk yet again through regret and atonement, through repentance and redemption, but in doing so, we admit to God the truth of our own nature and our dependence on Him. In His abundance, we are created again.


A Most Intolerant Savior

Somewhere in the lexicon of Christian thought, the idea of tolerance crept in to suggest this was the whole and final conclusion one should draw from Christ’s teaching. I think the idea has seeped into our collective conscious from a culture clamoring only for a surface understanding. To believe this as the whole of Christ’s …

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Chronos and Kairos meet again

(Note to reader: Chronos is the Greek word for chronological time. Kairos is the Greek word meaning seasonal time, i.e. God’s time as when Christ entered into our time and brought about a season of salvation and redemption. The following describes a meeting between the two.) Hello, Chronos. Kairos, why have you come? I have …

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As it is written

Age has nothing to do with finitude. It has everything to do with an ever-widening awareness of the vicissitudes of perspective, the heightened sense of the impermanence not just of experience but of time. Today will never return. And time offers its view, its past, present, future, its joys and pleasures, its worries and pain—its …

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A faith of love and forgiveness without atonement and redemption is something different altogether.

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