Hardtack Fails

“Hardtack, every tempter always fails on his first try or two. Humans are fickle creatures. Should you think your failure is complete and the end of it, you have missed the more discriminate aspect of your art. Every failure experienced will have meritorious value when at your next attempt you find your patient at a […]

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When Good is Not Good

(Note: The following fictional conversation is based on George MacDonald’s sermon “The temptation in the wilderness.” Quotes from the sermon are paraphrased.) Master MacDonald looked upon his young apprentice expressionless, knowing he mustn’t give any hint to the lad. Silence filled the air while the teacher waited for his student’s response. The tactic had worked

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The Peddler

In County Lincolnshire, in the village of Spilsby between the Lincolnshire Wolds and the Fenland, for centuries told there lived a peace-loving people. Spilsby has been and will always be a market town.   Home to butchers, bakers, haberdashers, jewelers and farmers, four main roads radiate from the town center where each year the townspeople host its annual market. Known

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