Chronos and Kairos meet again

(Note to reader: Chronos is the Greek word for chronological time. Kairos is the Greek word meaning seasonal time, i.e. God’s time as when Christ entered into our time and brought about a season of salvation and redemption. The following describes a meeting between the two.)

Hello, Chronos.

Kairos, why have you come? I have been doing fine on my own, thank you.

Chronos, if you were doing well, if you were living as we once lived, I would not be here.

Kairos, you are always butting in. Please stop. Give me my time. I’m making progress. Look at what I have accomplished. I have made great technological advances to benefit our kind, advances that have taken them to the heavens, have put the world in their hand and given the least a share in the spoils. Time is all I need to reach the goal. Anything I dream, I can achieve.

But you also perpetrated great evils.

My dear Chronos, in the early years when we were together in Paradise, you understood because we were one. Then, you began to believe you did not need me. You wanted to go it alone like those other two. Saddened, our Father made it so. Do you remember?

No, I do not. Too much time has passed. Besides, I have been busy creating a paradise here, a comfortable place all can enjoy.

Well, Chronos, we do agree on one thing. Progress and growth, even if infinitesimal, toward what the Father wishes us to be is good, but we must do it together if it is to mean anything. Remember, a man imprisoned in your time is like a dirty glass. It can neither reflect light nor let it shine through. Your forgetfulness is understandable since you have placed between us one golden calf after another—your philosophies, your psychologies, your rules, your fashions, your riches and high religion—but you insisted on it. Have you also forgotten about the plank and the speck? Your journey reminds me of Xenos (wanderer) and Parepidemos (temporary settler) and Paroikos (a non-citizen).

Kairos, you had to bring them up. Do I always have to be compared to them?

Chronos, I was not comparing you. I only wanted to enlighten you. These brothers three are here to remind you your time here is temporary, that you and I were meant to be one. Unfortunately, you believe you belong to your time. Our brothers three know they belong to my time, that they must bide your time until each is called home. They are unhappy here. Your purpose is to be happy in your time. They are on their way. You wish to stay.

Well, your point is taken. But I think I will keep trying. I know I can do better. Shouldn’t I be given this chance?

Your chance is wasted until we become one. Alone, you are destined to repeat your mistakes. Your own history proves this to be true.

What makes you so sure, Kairos? If I just have enough time…

But you do not.

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