Tussie and Jordy – continued

beige stairs

Tussie and Jordy and the Light descended the stairs, into the dark, through the dungeon and outside. They took to the woods, venturing along the trail. Familiar with the woods, it seemed different now. The air was light. Sunflecks stretched through the canopy. In the Light’s company, the darkness did not surround and cover them. They knew the darkness loomed, but unaffected, assurance marked their steps.

Tussie and Jordy were glad the Light accompanied them. Its presence instilled and confirmed in them a connection to the Maker. What each had sensed, they now knew. They weren’t sure how they knew, but they did. Words could not describe its meaning, only a particular look when the two made eye contact. The three companions walked on.

In all adventures and stories, fate demands the companions reach a point where their path is unclear. So, the Light forged ahead to point the way. Tussie and Jordy followed. Soon, the forest opened and before them a graveyard appeared. Neither Tussie nor Jordy expected to find a graveyard deep in the woods, but then, they had come to expect the unexpected. A graveyard seemed normal compared to their other encounters.

Tussie asked the Light, “Why have we come here?” Jordy interrupted, “Tussie, the Light does not speak. Remember, by the Light what is hidden is revealed. We must discover the reason for this revelation.”

“Hey, Tussie, look.”

“Who is that Jordy?”

“I believe it’s Old Salt. He roams the graveyard, caught in time between earth and eternity. Like most of the creatures in the woods, I’ve only heard of him. I don’t think anyone ever really knew him or even saw him except in shadow. He walks in the twilight which makes it hard to see him. From here, I can barely make out his hat and coat.

Startled by their sighting, Tussie, Jordy, and the Light knew they must continue across the graveyard toward the dark. Hesitant, Tussie and Jordy allowed the Light to lead. Near the edge of the graveyard, they could hear a low growl and panting.

“Tussie, we must quicken our pace. The forest’s creatures are watching us.”

Rounding a large tombstone, Tussie abruptly gasped, “Old Salt, it’s you!”

Tussie gathered focus and fixed on Old Salt’s features. His face chiseled, his hair scattered from beneath his hat, his frame gaunt and mouth drawn, he expressed no smile or surprise at the encounter. Gentle in gaze, his eyes met Tussie’s.

Tussie said, “I only knew of you and thought you were evil and doomed but you are not. I see you are a gentle soul; your nature speaks of a good man. Are you?”

Old Salt spoke. “I am more than you knew. I waited for you to bring the Light. Now you see me as I am, not as thought. I feared becoming accustomed to the dark but what was hidden is now revealed. For this, the twilight releases me. My soul shall find rest because you came. Grace be unto you.”

Thus marked their journey which shall be told again and again.

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